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Product Increment (PI) Planning: the Aduno Group chooses Swiss Agile Center

The PI Planning is a company workshop carried out together with collaborators and stakeholders in a smart and comfortable environment. For the occasion, the Aduno Group has chosen our open space in Mendrisio.

PI Planning: what is it?

We hear more and more about agile methodology, both in terms of work and in the world of software development. This methodology allows a new type of collaboration, based on self-organization, which brings added value to the customer in shorter cycles. Larger companies are often distributed across different locations, which makes it difficult to work efficiently. Although the Agile Manifesto says “Responding to change over following plan“, larger companies need synchronization between teams.

This is why PI planning comes into play: to better organize all activities, companies with a large number of development teams physically bring all stakeholders to the same room. In practice, by taking advantage of the agile methodology, it is possible to optimize planning in a short, smart and optimized session.

The Aduno Group as a guest of the Swiss Agile Center

In this context, the Aduno Group, a Swiss company specializing in cashless payments and financial management, has chosen Swiss Agile Center to conduct a product planning.

“The Aduno Group held 3 days of workshops at the Swiss Agile Center as part of its product development activities. The infrastructure offers space for up to 40 people, with two smaller rooms ideal for small group meetings. The Aduno Group conducted an I&A workshop (Inspect & Adapt) and PI planning in the 3 days following the Scale Agile framework, which worked well. We are looking forward to coming back.”

Martin Ravizza, Release Train Engineer

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